Soul of the Earth

by Anthology, Edited by Jay Ramsay.
Published by Awen Publications.
Available from Dawn Gorman.

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Soul of the Earth is an anthology of poetry to inspire hope in humanity. In it, contemporary voices dare to explore a spiritual dimension to life on Earth and, in doing so, imply that a way out of our global crisis of ecological catastrophe, financial meltdown and bankruptcy of the spirit is to look beyond the impasse of materialism. With contributions from poets in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia & New Zealand, the anthology reaches out across the planet to embrace the challenges and blessings of being alive on the Earth in the 21st century. Dawn Gorman's poem, Tenacity, was, says the book's editor Jay Ramsay, the first he picked for the collection, as it "embodies the message he was aiming for, and the spirit of the book".